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You've shot your movie, you've cut the story, now it's time to lock picture and start the finishing process.

Hollywood DI has worked with Independent Filmmakers for over ten years, helping them bring their vision to realization, their projects to completion.

We're not just a post house, we're a trusted friend that will see you through the final steps of completing the journey you started many months before. Shooting a movie is hard, finishing a movie is even harder. Let us help you cross the line.

We work to exacting standards in a professional environment with an accurately calibrated monitoring, industry standard viewing environment - we provide a proper viewing environment, with high powered finishing systems that are able to play back the highest resolution formats at the best quality and in real time for correct evaluation.

Finishing is just the beginning ... let us take you through the last phase of preparing your project for the exciting times ahead!

Neil Smith
Hollywood DI
P: 310-237-6677
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